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Copymatic Demo VIdeo

For a software that has been hyped everywhere online.

You definitely have some expectations of the software, and you're hoping it lives up to the hype.

You sure can't buy a software without knowing exactly what it can do for you, and what value it can bring to your business.

In fact, you shouldn't.

So we recorded a quick demo video for you

In the video, we showed how you can use Copymatic to write...

  • A sales copy for any product or service,

  • A facebook ad copy,

  • A youtube ad video script,

  • A VSL script, and

  • An email sequence for a product launch..

When you click the play button on the video below, ensure you toggle full screen mode for better viewing experience.

So with Copymatic, you'll be able to write the following types of copy:

1. Sales copies and all other page copies
Webinar registration page copy, sales page copy (or sales copy), lead capture page copy (or optin page copy), thank you page copy, upsell page copy, cross-sell page copy.

2. Video scripts for all types of marketing videos
Optin page videos, Facebook & Instagram ad video, long form sales video (or VSL), YouTube ad video, upsell video, cross-sell video, pre-launch video.

3. Ad copies for all types of ads.
Webinar registration ad copy, lead generation ad copy, direct promotion ad copy (or direct to sales page ad copy), discount offer ad copy, retargeting ad copy.

4. Email sequence for all types of email campaigns
List nurturing emails, product launch emails, webinar invitation emails, affiliate promotion emails, cart abandonment emails, list re-engagement emails, JV invite emails, discount offers emails.

- - - - - - - - -

From the demo video above, you see that Copymatic helps you write any type of copy in just 3 Clicks.

1st click: Select new copy (to start the process)

2nd click: Choose the type of copy you want (and answer the questions)

3rd click: Create copy.


You have your copy written by a software that's as intelligent as your favourite copywriting guru.

The demo video above only shows samples that were randomly selected from copy frameworks in the different categories that Copymatic has.

Imagine having the opportunity to utilize all the copy frameworks in your business...

All of them...

Imagine how much advantage it will give you over others in your market who have no idea that a tool such as this exists...

Imagine how much more money you'll easily start making...

We have recorded a more detailed walkthrough video on how to use Copymatic (on PC and on mobile phones) for any project whatsoever.

It will be sent to you once you click this red button below.


You missed out!

Here's a quick testimonial about Copymatic.

In the last 2yrs of Copymatic's existence, it has been sold to and bought by people of all races on the planet...

We launched it in November 2020, on

JVzoo is an int'l marketplace with over 800,000 affiliates worldwide.

So we literally had people from different countries promoting our software to their lists.

Take a look at what some entrepreneurs who bought it from other parts of the world are saying about this revolutionary software:

QUESTION: Will Copymatic Work For Your Business?

When we were about to launch Copymatic here in Nigeria for the first time, one of the most frequent questions we got was...

I'm into "xyz business", will Copymatic work for my business?

Good news, bad news, ...which should I share first?

BAD NEWS: Buying Copymatic will not guarantee your success just because you bought it.

Not because it is not valuable, but because I have no idea if you are truly going to follow the step-by-step walkthrough videos which I'll send to you.

And I don't know if you'll truly implement things as instructed.

We've been selling different solution-driven softwares online for over 5yrs, and one thing I know is...

Buying software solutions has never made anyone successful, except they implement.

Implementation is key.

I'm excited to tell you that there are over 6,481 business owners just like you (from different parts of the world) who have bought Copymatic from us in the last 2yrs that this software has been on sale.

When we started, many of these entrepreneurs just took a leap of faith on us.

Then we were very new and Copymatic didn't even have a track record.

So, we didn't have any testimonials to flaunt around.

Now, we've gotten a ton of testimonials.

We have proof that Copymatic works.


So, are you ready to take a leap of faith on us? Or is there anything in particular stopping you right now?

If you're still on the fence and you're wondering if you should buy this software or not, kindly ask yourself this quick question...

What could possibly go wrong if I buy Copymatic today?

Answer: ___________________

Here's Another Quick Question...

Do you have any idea of what you'll be losing access to, if you don't get Copymatic for your business?

Answer: __________________

So How Much Is Copymatic Right Now (Discount Price)?

When we launched Copymatic in the international marketplace, we sold it at $37 for the front end package with lesser features.

For those who wanted full features, they upgraded their accounts with $51.50. This was our upsell to them.

So they paid a total of $88.50 to get the full package.

When it was time for us to launch it in the Nigerian market, we sold the entire package together for ₦30,650. There was no upsell, because we know Nigerians don't like upsells.

So you pay once and get everything.

So far, we have sold 3,473 licenses of CopyMatic to smart Nigerian entrepreneurs like you at the full fee of ₦30,650.

3,473 Nigerians like you paid that amount. Check the Paystack screenshot below to see proof:

Today, you get the opportunity to buy Copymatic at a whopping 66% discount, but for a very limited time.

So you only get to pay ₦10,299 only (instead of ₦30,650 like others).

This discount will not last long. It expires when the timer below hits 0:00:00

The regrets of failure, they say, is always more expensive than the price of success...


You missed out!

Meet Itimitang Usanga

He's a music studio director, sound engineer and music producer.

He was among the 44 people who joined my coaching program in January where I showed them how to structure their business properly online to bring in a lot of sales monthly.

One of the major components of a profitable online business is the copy (words that sell).

Itimitang sucks at writing persuasively. He's not a creative writer.

Truth is, everyone sucks at first. No one was born with copywriting skills. We all get great at writing from constant practice.

But his type of work doesn't give him that much time to do anything else.

So he mostly had to model my previous copies to create a copy for his own business.

When I was about to launch this discount offer for Copymatic, I posted it first on my page so my followers will take advantage of it before outsiders.

Itimitang was the first person to pay for it.

Truth be told, I wasn't so sure if Copymatic would work for such a weird niche like sound engineering and music production.

But I'm willing to test out new niches.

He obviously started using it immediately, and without me asking for a testimonial or review, this was what he shared with me out of excitement

He's yet to finish exploring the length and breadth of Copymatic when he sent this message.

I'm super happy for him, because I know he will create magic in his business using this software.

He asked a few questions in the message he sent above, though I've answered him in private, but I want to answer them again publicly, here.

1. With Copymatic, you can't translate French to English, but you can translate from English to over 106 other languages (including French).

So you can get clients from other countries and serve them copy in their own language, and get paid in hard currencies.

It also means that you can instantly brand yourself as an international copywriter because Copymatic does the heavy lifting for you.

2. Yes, what you're getting is a lifetime license of Copymatic, even though you're getting it today at a huge discount.

So you never have to pay 1kobo to any copywriter again for the rest of your life.

So what are you waiting for now?

If Copymatic can work for a weird niche such as Itimitang's, then I'm pretty sure it would work for yours too.

I want to make you my next success story...

Are you a very busy person like Itimitang, and you don't have the time to write a good copy for your business?

Or you probably good with writing copy, but you're lazy like me and you don't like to always write your copy by yourself.

It's time to take advantage of this revolutionary copywriting software.

You've seen the demo video.

You know the software is the real deal.

You know it's already in use by thousands.

You know It's not an imaginary package that's still in the making..

Thousands of entrepreneurs are already creating magic with it.

You pay the discounted price now, and you too can start using it in less than 60 seconds.


Look Friend, I Want To Create 100 New Itimitang Asangas Within The Next 30Days.

I'm looking for 100 entrepreneurs who have the openness of heart and the willingness to dedicate at least 1hr to test out a new software in their business.

Just 1 Hour...

If it doesn't do what I say it does (and even more), I'll send back your money with a signed apology note from me.

Now, I don't know where you are in life today...

  • Full-Time Employee.
  • Part-Time Employee with a side-business.
  • Full-time Entrepreneur.
  • Or maybe just an undergraduate or an entrepreneur wannabe.

Copymatic will help you quickly and easily create that profitable copy that you need today.

Speed, they say, is the new money!

If there's one prominent reason why you're not making as much money as you deserve, it's because you aren't taking action fast enough.

Fail fast, so you can hit your success point quicker.

If Copymatic doesn't do everything we claim it would (and even more), you already have a 100% money back guarantee.

Plus an apology note for time wasted.

Click the red button below now, to take advantage of the discount offer while it's still available.

Or pay ₦10,299 to GTBank (0131486497, Ohaneje Promise C.) and notify us on WhatsApp if you paid manually.

Your discount expires when the countdown timer hits 0:00:00


You missed out!

We Got Some More Positive Reviews...

And yeah, since we started this discount promo, a few more testimonials have been coming in.

Here's one from Mrs. Markba Ojo.

She's a marriage counsellor and a relationship coach. She recently created a course on how couples can solve fertility issues...

Here's another one from Chief Etinosa S. Omuemu.

He's an Edo state based high chief who authored one of the most powerful books that has ever been written by a Nigerian - "Escaping The Matrix".

He's a little advanced in age and not so tech-friendly like you and I, so he had his reservations about buying a new software product.

But even as an author, he doesn't know how to write to sell. Writing a book and writing to sell are two entirely diffferent things.

Someone charged him half a million naira (₦500,000) to write the sales copy for his book, but Copymatic came to his rescue.

Here's what he said below...

Everybody uses Copymatic - BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Foreigners, Nigerians, everybody...

The only person that doesn't have Copymatic right now is you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And the good thing about buying Copymatic here in Nigeria is that you get instant support directly from us on WhatsApp.

Unlike foreigners who have to write a lengthy email and wait 24hrs for a support staff to get back to them.

You're just a chat away and whatever issues you have will be instantly resolved.

Another advantage of having access to us on WhatsApp is that you can sometimes share other issues of concern with us.

Things not even related to copymatic, maybe like a challenge you're experiencing with a sales funnel.

Or maybe things a little more personal to you.

We can get to know your story (if you care to share) and whatever challenges you're facing.

And we might be able to offer some advice or help wherever we can.

You definitely understand the point I'm driving.

I think I've said too much on this page already, I'm almost beginning to sound like a broken record.

Have I given you enough information on this page to make a buy decision?

If yes, then click the red button below now, to take advantage of the discount offer while it's still available.

Or pay ₦10,299 to GTBank (0131486497, Ohaneje Promise C.) and notify us on WhatsApp if you paid manually.

This is your last call to action.

Your discount expires when the countdown timer hits 0:00:00

The full price is ₦30,650.

If you still need more information or there's something that's not clear enough...

Then check your WhatsApp or email for the message we sent, and reply that message with your questions.

I'll be there to answer.


You missed out!

If you have questions you want to ask before hitting the buy button, or if you're having issues with payment, send us a message on whatsapp: 09025907053

Gozeck Globals Technology.


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