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1. The Requirements:

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The live bootcamp will hold via zoom on Friday and Saturday, this weekend. 5:30pm - 7:30pm each day.

We specifically asked for your WhatsApp number on the registration page so that we can send the zoom link directly to your phone.

We believe that WhatsApp is a faster way to reach you, and we won't want you to miss out on this golden event, even though it's free.

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3. The Replay:

As expected, this free bootcamp will be recorded. And we intend to sell the recording as a course.

We will create an entire sales funnel to sell the course at $47.

If you don't want to pay such high amount to get the replay, then make sure you attend the live bootcamp, so you can also ask questions and get them answered live.

But if you feel there might be a chance that you might miss any of the sessions. Maybe something urgent might come up and you have to compulsorily attend to it...

Or you live in a commercial city like Lagos with plenty traffic, and you don't want to take chances...

Then I have an offer for you.

Get the replay to the entire Lead Generation Bootcamp at a token of $2 only.

Or ₦1,160 (if you want to pay in Naira)

When You Pay For The Replay, You'll Get The Following Bonuses...

Here are some resources that will help you ethically follow up on the leads you generate till they buy from you, such that you can start making truck loads of money from them on a regular basis.

BONUS 1: Done-For-You Lead Generation Funnel/Website

We'll build you a lead generation funnel for your niche/industry and send it to you before the event goes live.

We will also send you a walkthrough video that will guide you on how to easily deploy the funnel on your own.

This will not only save you money, but it will save you time. So you can start generating leads immediately, without any challenges.

Value: ₦75,000

BONUS 2: Premium WhatsApp TV Rolodex

One of the lead generation channels we'll be using is WhatsApp. And a good place to get WhatsApp leads is on WhatsApp TVs.

So we created a Google Doc which we update regularly with the WhatsApp contact of different WhatsApp TVs for different niches.

All you have to do is check for which of the WhatsApp TVs caters for your niche, then use them to generate leads for your business.

Value: ₦15,000

BONUS 3: Email Paracetamol

Another lead generation channel that we'll be using is emails. Generating leads and driving sales through emails has been a challenge for many people I know.

I have created a cure for you, so you won't face that same challenge. I call it Email Paracetamol

This is a no-fluff training program that teaches how to build a responsive email list by writing emails that gets opened.

If you have a dead or unresponsive email list, Email Paracetamol will awaken it and make your subscribers look forward to your next emails like it's a doctor's prescription.

Value: ₦18,500

BONUS 4: The 8-Figure WhatsApp Blueprint.

Personally, I prefer to sell with emails and sales funnels, but I have a friend (name withheld) who makes a killing through WhatsApp.

In 2021, he generated almost ₦11million (in 12months) from WhatsApp alone. That's about 900k/month from WhatsApp automations.

I interviewed him and got him to share details on how he generates and segment his WhatsApp leads, close WhatsApp sales and automate the entire process.

I documented the interview and I call it "The 8-Figure WhatsApp Blueprint".

I'll give you this blueprint for free when you pay for the replay to Lead Generation Bootcamp.

Value: ₦25,000

There's no $2 deal anywhere in the world that's juicier than this. Or where else can you get this much value for just ₦1,160...?

The ball is now in your court.

Click the button below to take me up on this one-time-offer (or you can let it slide like the many other opportunities you missed in the past).

Reminder: you'll get lifetime replay of the following...

  • How to create the best lead magnet for your business. (Value: ₦5,000)

  • How to show up on the first page of Google every time people search for the products or services you sell. (Value: ₦25,000)

  • How to generate quality leads from WhatsApp TVs, irrespective of the type of business you do. (Value: ₦5,000)

  • How to target and find actual buyers with Facebook ads. And How to target rich Nigerians who live abroad to patronize you. (Value: ₦10,000)

  • The ethical way to generate leads from Facebook groups, without spending on ads. (Value: ₦5,000)

  • 5 simple strategies you can use to easily build a massive list of potential buyers on WhatsApp. (Value: ₦10,000)

  • How to align with Google's lead generation policy by creating, verifying and optimizing your business with Google for instant visibility. (Value: ₦5,000)

  • How to identify your customers and find where that congregating on Facebook, using their purchase behaviour, pain point, present situation, priorities and their personalities. (Value: ₦5,000)

  • How to use the strategic keywords to attract leads that are already in buying mode from Google search engine, even if you don't have a website. (Value: ₦10,000)

  • How to ethically spy on other people's lead generation campaigns, so you can build a superior lead generation campaign for your business. (Value: ₦15,000)

  • The $1/day Facebook ads strategy to grow your Facebook and Instagram followers, and how to optimize your social media handles for lead generation. (Value: ₦5,000)

  • How to create a free Google website for your business. (Value: ₦10,000)

  • The case study of how a N2000/day Facebook advert gave my wife a N30,000/day chicken supply business in Lagos, and how you can copy it to your business for 1000% ROI. (Value: ₦10,000)

  • BONUS 1: Done-For-You Lead Generation Funnel/Website. (Value: ₦75,000)

  • BONUS 2: Premium WhatsApp TV Rolodex. (Value: ₦15,000)

  • BONUS 3: Email Paracetamol. (Value: ₦18,500)

  • BONUS 4: The 8-Figure WhatsApp Blueprint. (Value: ₦25,000)

Total Value: ₦253,500.

Access Fee: $2 only.

This offer is a one-time offer: You won't get another opportunity to pay for the bootcamp's replay. I won't send you an email about it, or even a WhatsApp message.

Once you close this page, the opportunity is gone forever.

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