Your Requirements

For The Upcoming Free 2 Days Lead Generation Bootcamp

There are certain requirements you need to have in place in order to make the most out of this event.

1. You Need To Have A Business.

This is critical to your success. You need a real business (online or offline) to start implementing the lead generation strategies on.

If you postpone the implementation, there's a possibility that you'll start forgetting them.

If you don't have a business, kindly let us know in the bootcamp, so we can suggest some businesses that you can start in 48hrs with minimal resources.

2. You Need WhatsApp and Zoom.

I have come to terms that people check their WhatsApp more than they check their emails. So I have decided to send time-sensitive information about the bootcamp through WhatsApp.

Kindly ensure your phone is always on, so you don't miss any message from me.

Then you also need to have zoom app/software downloaded and installed on your device (mobile or desktop).

The bootcamp will hold on zoom.

3. You Need A Sales-Mindset.

I found out from previous editions of the Lead Generation Bootcamp that one of the major reasons why most people signed up for the bootcamp is because they want to increase sales and revenue in their business.

So it's not just about generating the leads...

It's actually about being able to make money from these leads that we are generating.

To put more succinctly...

It's more about being able to properly prime the leads for the sale ahead.

Now, I don't know where you are in life today...

  • Newbie salesman
  • Just getting-by salesman
  • Expert salesman
  • Or maybe you're even scared to death of sales.

This weekend bootcamp will definitely show you how to get a ton of interested people into your business.

When you successfully get the leads to put their foot in the front door, what's left for you is to sell your products/services to them.

Watch this 1min video below.

Joseph Don is now a celebrity in the online sales industry, with over 20,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I met him back then, when he was still trying to get his sales system right. All I did for him was to point him in the right direction .

And he was fast to implement, even when he wasn't so sure if my system would work or not.

And it worked for him.

He recently shared on his WhatsApp status that he has made over $100,000 so far. (I'm sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot).

But do the math. Convert it to Naira right now.

If I can help Joseph with his sales problem, I think I can help you too.

So, in the bootcamp, I'll be offering you the same help I rendered to Joseph for free.

My question to you is, "how fast will you implement?"

Implementation Is Key

Speed, they say, is the new money...

How fast are you willing to move? How hungry are you for success? And how committed are you to make this happen?

Perhaps, one of my best quotes ever is from Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook.

4. You Need Money To Run Ads.

What will you do if you're required to spend some money to implement?

Let me tell you about a young entrepreneur who joined my Startup Millionaire Challenge.

It was in 2021, barely a year after the COVID attack.

I paid cameramen to follow me around for 30days. During that period, I was to start a business with just N50,000.

And I must grow it to N1,000,000 in just 30days.

Without depending on any of my contacts, business resources, and I dare not spend more than just N50,000 from my account.

And to make it really tough, I was to do everything with a new name.

More like a total newbie, starting from scratch.

About 56 people paid to watch me achieve this feat. But luck was not on my side.

I fell terribly ill during the 30days challenge.

So I wasn't able to complete the it.

But I compensated everyone by giving them the recordings of some of my previous coaching programs as bonuses.

A certain young man (still in his 20s) went through some of those recordings, and decided to implement immediately.

He ran to my DM to share his testimony of how he landed himself a client that him N800,000 instantly. (proof is below)

He also secured another deal of N600,000/month 9months. That's about N5.4million.

His name is Ikechukwu Kevin Glenn (You can search for him on Facebook).

I later found out that he ran some ads, which gave him quick visibility for his brand.

The truth is you're gonna have to spend some money to give your business the publicity it deserves.

Lead generation will cost you some money.

I don't know how ready you are for that. And I won't want that to be a stumbling block to you.

Which is why I've gone ahead to record a 1hr+ challenge video that shows you "How to deploy a simple system that can generate between ₦750,000 – ₦1,000,000 in 30days."

But it will only work, if only you follow my instructions.

It's painful that many people find it hard to follow simple instructions.

They are stuck in their own ways and won't do exactly as I say.

Change is hard to implement, especially for those that are slightly advance in age.

I totally get it.

We are adults. Products of habit.

After a while, even hardship becomes more of a habit than a condition.

You might have gotten so accustomed to never taking action that you now perfectly fit what Les Brown meant when he said, "Most People Will Not Even Participate In Their Own Rescue"

But if you are among the select few who want to change their lives and not be a mediocre for the rest of the year, then the red button below calleth unto you.

You are just 1 click away. Bite the button below right now...

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