Short Report Blueprint

Play the video below and increase the volume of your device.

Before you click the button below, here are a few things you should know...

Short Report Blueprint course was launched in February 2018 at ₦25,000.

It was subsidized from ₦25,000 to ₦7,500 as a bonus offer when we were promoting our nationwide WebGod Summit in July/August 2018.

Shortly after the summit, the course was taken down and further enrollment was disallowed.

Now we are re-opening the course (at a subsidized rate again) because of our WhatsApp Mastermind Program.

Just like before, access to Short Report Blueprint will be stopped once we are done with our whatsapp mastermind program.

We sincerely can not give you an exact date, right now, when the mastermind program will end.

The plan is to keep it open for just a few weeks. Once we hit our limit, we will stop enrollment.

Just know that access to the short report blueprint course will be stopped with the disallowance of new entrants into the whatsapp program.

The good news (or maybe bad news) is that joining us on whatsapp is free. So you can be sure we will hit our limit pretty fast.

But if we decide to still keep the Short Report Blueprint course after the whatsapp program is done for any reason whatsoever, the price will definitely go up.

So depending on when you are seeing this page, you may be early or you may be late - we can't say for sure.

This opportunity staring at you in the face may slip through your fingers; maybe even before you close this page, if you don't act fast.

Time waits for no one.

If you had even the slightest wish of taking advantage of this opportunity, then stop contemplating...

Now Is Your Time To Shine!

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