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The Hybrid 'NICHE FUNNEL' That Generated ₦4,241,805 in 29Days (without Spending More Than $30 OUT OF POCKET For Ads), ...and How To Easily Replicate It In Any Other Business In 60 Mins or Less!?

This hybrid funnel sells for you on complete autopilot, allowing you to work only 2 weekends in a month.

How would you feel like if you could duplicate a hybrid funnel in just a few clicks, and have it generate multiple 7-figures for you in your business in 29days, ...even if you were out partying all month???


My name is Promise Ohaneje (Africa's most sought after phone closer). I recently stacked up 3 of my best performing marketing funnels, to create a beast-mode hybrid funnel.

With this single funnel, I was able to generate messenger leads, whatsapp leads, email leads, sales of low ticket products, and sales of high ticket products... With Just One Funnel!

I've tested it back to back for 2 months non-stop, and the results blows my imagination out of the waters. Over 4milla in 29days, with very little ads spend (out of my pocket).

The beautiful part is that the funnel is mostly automated. It requires me to work only 2 weekends in a month.

Think about it for a moment... With such a funnel in your hands, you can spend the rest of the month having fun with family or traveling around the country.

I'm pretty sure it can work in almost any business type, but I don't have enough data or statistics about other businesses to make such a claim.

Which is why I'm inviting you to a demonstrative web-class (webinar) where I'll be demonstrating how to deploy the funnel in your business.

I'm hoping that you all will implement it quickly in your different businesses, so I can have proof that it works in all types of businesses.

So in this webinar, I will be tearing down for you (layer-by-layer), the components that make up the hybrid funnel I used to generate such insane amount of money in just 29days...

And most importantly, how you (or anyone for that matter) can knock it off in 60mins.

My guess is that if I could easily do over 4milla in 29days, I'm hoping that you will be able to do at least 2milla with the hybrid funnel in 30days (worst case scenario).

And as much as I'll like to charge you before giving you access to demonstrative web-class, I'd rather not do so because I have good faith that this will be the beginning of a new relationship for us.

So yes, you don't have to pay 'shingbain' to join me on this live webinar.

Date: This Saturday, 26th of February, 2022
Time: 4:00pm prompt.

Click any of the buttons on this page and register with your first name, email address and WhatsApp number. Set a reminder on your phone, and cancel all other events that clashes with this meeting.

Further information will be sent to you primarily via WhatsApp (and maybe occasionally, via email). So ensure the WhatsApp number you type is correct. I'll see you on Saturday.

Here's What Other Regular Africans Like You, Who Benefitted From Some Of My Previous Free Content, Are Saying About Me.

But Wait... Who The Heck Is Promise Ohaneje???

That's me in the middle, with the red arrow pointing to my head...

I'm the founder of Phone Closing University, Robotic Selling Forum and The WebGod Marketing Agency.

I've had the privilege to work with 130+ local Nigerian businesses in growing their revenue online - through my internet marketing agency.

Plus, I have trained hundreds of students with 250+ verifiable success testimonials (documented) from within the three different recurring coaching programs that I organize.

The image above is from one of the 70+ workshops I did around the country over a 3yrs span (2017-2019), coaching people on how to build a successful online business using tools that are freely available online.

If you don't know me yet, or you've not at least seen my face once online, then you've probably been living under a rock, or you have never been active in the internet marketing space in Nigeria...


My story was not always this beautiful. I started from rock-bottom - as a broke, struggling and hungry undergraduate boy, with a borrowed laptop.

When I started in 2009 (about 11yrs ago), I was selling a software that helped people watch some of the premium channels you see on DSTV channels directly on their PC, without paying for any subscription.

I didn't even know how to advertise online. I was rather printing posters and pasting them round the city. See sample below.

Pardon the camera quality. I didn’t have a good phone at that time.

Imagine the pain of pasting posters at night, then going for classes in the morning, and praying seriously that someone will see your poster and either visit the website or call your number.

I literally struggled in my early days as an entrepreneur. I went from being a pauper who was feeding hand-to-mouth to raking 7-figures consistently every month after I figured out a winning framework.

I finally had my big breakthrough in 2016. And ever since then, I had dedicated a huge percentage of my time to helping others avoid the mistakes I made in my journey.

In January 2019, I gave myself a mission "To Raise 10 Million Millionaire Entrepreneurs Around Africa by 2025, even if it cost me my Blood, Sweat and Tears".

I'll probably emerge among Top 3 Most Generous African Entrepreneurs, if there were a competition for that. And like a senior friend of mine would say, "it's not bragging if it's true..."

Nuf said about me already, time to get to work. Click the button below to register for the upcoming webinar immediately!

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