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Quick Advice: If you want a successful business online, do whatever you can to ensure you have a combination of low ticket and high-ticket products.

In our forthcoming webinar, I'll show you how to sell high ticket products with ease. But on this page, I'll like to show you how to easily sell a ton of low-ticket products on a daily basis.

I call it...


How To Consistently Sell 10-15 Units of Your ₦3,000 - ₦5,000 Products In Any Niche Everyday ...even if you know absolutely nothing about that niche.

Let's do some math.

10 units of a 3k product = ₦30,000 daily.
Multiply that by 30days in a month.
₦30,000 x 30 = ₦900,000.

It's absolutely possible to earn a minimum of ₦900,000/month from selling low ticket products.

It will be easier for you to believe this statement if you're already an expert in that niche.

But what if I told you that it's absolutely possible to earn even more than ₦900,000/month from a niche that you know absolutely nothing about...?

If you're a newbie in internet marketing, the preceding statement may sound quite unbelievable to you, but I'll do you a solid right now...

₦If you read this page to the end, you won't just discover how to deploy the ATM Sales Method that helps you sell in niches you know nothing about...,

...You'll also discover how you can deploy a special WhatsApp group funnel that pumps in 100-150k into your account every weekend.

That's such a bold claim I just made there. Isn't it?

The real question is "Who dares make such a bold claim? What proofs does he have to show that these claims are possible?"

Dear Hardworking Nigerian,

My name is Promise Ohaneje. That's me in the picture below, with the red arrow pointing to my head...

I launched my first internet business in 2009 as a broke university undergraduate - selling a TV software - with zero marketing experience.

It sold for ₦1500 back then.

I went from making zero sale per day, to making 1 sale per week, then to making 2-4 sales per day.

Everything I did back then was based on trial and error. It took over 6yrs of learning and practicing before I truly mastered the art of selling online.

Over these 6yrs, I had literally sold all types of products online. Products ranging from things as common as foodstuff (like smoked fish ~ panla) to things as expensive as real estate.

I even sold software products in the international marketplace (ClickBank and JVzoo) to the tune of over $100+ daily as affiliate commissions.

As at 2016/2017, I was already comfortable averaging over ₦100,000/day from my internet business. Proof is below...

So right now, I want to share with you one of the easiest or simplest strategies I leveraged on back then, that I think anyone can jump on today, and still be madly successful.

What I did back then was to focus on the opposite of what most internet marketers were doing at that time.

While most of them were focusing on creating high-ticket products so they can brag that they made 100k per client, I was rather looking for cheap products that I could sell.

I studied the likes of Dangote and Otedola.

Dangote (as big as he is) sells cheap products like sugar and salt to end users like you and I.

Otedola sells petrol in cheap quantities to you and I. Whether you're buying 1liter or 10liters, it doesn't matter. His filling stations will sell to you.

If the richest men were selling cheap products (or low-ticket products) unashamedly, why shouldn't I?

And something I also noticed is that these men sell products that are in constant daily demand.

I found out that this cheap product strategy also worked for a lot of the other companies that I was studying.

For example...

MTN had to come down from selling only N1500 and N750 recharge cards, when they found out that the bulk of the populace needed something cheaper.

Now, they make more money from more people by selling N100 and N200 airtime.

Hypo knocked off Jik from the market, and Power Oil knocked off Kings Oil from the market just because they made their products in sachets which is cheaper than bottles.

A larger percentage of the population were more comfortable paying for the cheaper options, even though they will still go back to buy more when they exhaust the little they just bought.

Take a look at betting companies for a moment...

Bet9ja and other betting companies make truck loads of money on a daily basis because they allow people bet with easily disposable money

People that spend the most money are those who you think are broke.

Just make the thing easily within their reach, and you'll see that they have a spending problem. They spend with reckless abandon.

As an entrepreneur, it is important that you take advantage of little information like these to improve sales in your business.

I might not be able to invest billions of naira to create production factories or line of filling stations, in order to serve people's demands, but I can definitely find other things people are demanding for online and sell it to them.

So I would go online and search on Google for most popular search keywords that Nigerians had searched for in the last 30days.

It could be on any topic whatsoever. Then I will find answers to these questions and bundle it as an information product to sell to them at ₦1000 to ₦3000.

Most of the answers are already available on special websites (which I will not be revealing on this page). Let's just call it my trade secret for now.

I don't have to be an expert on that topic. I just follow the strategy which I'll be revealing to you below and sell multiple units of this information product per day.

Here's Something You Should Know...

Many Nigerians will not mind buying something really cheap. They might get scared if they have to pay as high as ₦10,000 or ₦20,000 - except you have massive proofs. But even during COVID lockdowns, people were still buying ₦1000, ₦1500 and ₦2000 products daily.

They can easily borrow this little amount of money from a friend (if they don't have) to buy from you. Because they know they can easily pay it back.

I once created an information product on how to cure weak erection naturally, without using herbs or drugs. I sold it for ₦2500, and I never sold less than 5 copies per day.

That's minimum of ₦12,500 per day. And I'm not a doctor or a scientist. The best part is that I sold it with a pen name (Uncle James). I didn't want my real name to be associated with such products.

And I was able to consistently do this for many products simultaneously, everyday.

So how was I able to sell these products consistently? And How Can You Do So Also?

I leverage on a simple Sales Automation formula which involves the following:

  1. Build an audience of interested prospects
  2. Create an offer that soothes their pain
  3. Sell to them using systems

So basically, what I did was to first find out what people were interested in. Then I created a simple product/offer around it.

If this part scares you, don't worry, I already solved it for you below. So you're covered.

Then the next step is to create a simple sales page, with a well written sales copy on it to help me sell to the prospects, when I find them wherever they are.

I also ensure that I integrate systems that deliver the product to the people's emails when they buy, so I don't have to lift a finger once we start running the advert.

Then I use Facebook and Instagram advert to find my most interested prospects, then send them to the sales page I created. The sales page sells to them in my absence.

Once they buy, they receive their product in their email, and I get my money in my bank account.

All these will happen on complete autopilot, even if I'm sleeping or I might even be out partying with my friends.

Another strategy I leverage on is the WhatsApp Group Strategy, where I send traffic to a whatsapp group for a weekend bootcamp.

In the bootcamp, I share just a tip of the icerberg from my new discovery. Then I sell them on the information product I created, using a special script I created.

Since it's a cheap product, I get nothing less than 20 customers from the whatsapp bootcamp. That's a simple way to make 100k per weekend (if it's a 5k product).

Now, how will you like to be able to set up a simple system like this for yourself that sells 10-15 units of your 3k-5k products everyday?

Do the math, that's a minimum of 30k daily.

Even if you spend 10k per day on advert, you'll still have a profit of 20k profit per day. Or 600k per month...

Would that mean anything to you?

Could it help you live a better lifestyle?

Will you now be able to finally quit that job that has been pressing your neck like African witch in the middle of the night?

Do you think this will help you afford a travel lifestyle? Visit places you only see on the internet...

Or maybe this might help you create more time for family, or finally be able to win over that crush that you've been eyeing for a while now...

I don't care whatever your reasons are, but if you answered "YES" to any of the statements above,

Then I want to happily introduce you to...


How To Consistently Sell 10-15 Units of Your ₦3,000 - ₦5,000 Products In Any Niche Everyday ...even if you know absolutely nothing about that niche.

This is a simple 3-modules course I extracted from my coaching program. The course modules are designed to help an entirely fresh internet newbie crush between 350k to 500k online, even from your first month.

Here's What You Get Inside...

MODULE 1: How To Create A Knowledge Product On Any Topic In Less 24 Hrs and Make Up To ₦350,000 From It Every Month on Autopilot, ...even If You Don't Know Anything About That Particular Topic. (Value: ₦10,000)

In this module, you'll learn all the tricks of the system. I'll leave no stone unturned.

MODULE 2: How To Create A Sales Page That Sells At Least 15 Units if Your Products Daily, Even If You're Still A Rookie. (Value: ₦15,000)

Here I'll be focusing more on how to write the perfect type of sales copy needed to sell low-ticket products.

MODULE 3: WhatsApp Group Closing Secrets: How anyone can do 150k -300k weekly from WhatsApp groups. (Value: ₦7,500)

With this module, you can hold a WhatsApp class every weekend, and you're sure of money to sustain you in the following week.

Kindly add up the Naira value of everything you'll be getting...

Total Value = ₦32,500

Regular Price: ₦7,500

But you won't be paying anything close

Here's why I said so... I want to give you a price incentive for taking action fast. So if you take action before the countdown timer on this page hits 00:00:00, you'll only be paying ₦1,499.

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I understand that you might have seen many countdown timers that were added on different pages as fake scarcity. So you might want to call this a bluff.

My advice to you is to take the offer now, then come back to the page when the timer hits 00:00:00 to see whether the price changed or not. So that you don't regret not taking action when you had a cheap opportunity.

It's just ₦1,499 only.

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Fast Action Bonuses

Here are some gifts to help make your journey easier. These bonuses are only available to fast action takers.

#1: How To Create Irresistible Offers

In this practical video guide, I show you how to never sell your products as regular commodities but to be structured as irresistible offers that gets customers wallets out.

(Value: ₦5,000)

#2: Facebook Ads Mastery Course

This is a 10-Module course where I show you how I run my ads. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginning or an expert, you will get a different mindset about running ads from this course.

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To your success...

- Promise Ohaneje.

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